In What Currency Should You Have Invested Three Years Ago?


The Australian dollar?  Another currency from a fast-growing Asian nation?  No.  The unexpected answer is in a decentralized, unregulated virtual currency called BitCoin.  The peer-to-peer currency has no banking system behind it and depends on advanced mathematics and encryption for regulatory controls.  While it may seem crazy to some to refer to such a thing as a “currency,” it is growing exponentially in popularity as “normal” people around the world are constantly reminded by the challenges the worlds’ banking system has had over the past five years and, most recently, by the Cyprus crisis.  BitCoin’s value has risen dramatically but, alas, it’s likely not too late to buy. given its explosive growth.  (Author’s note: I should have taken my own advice).

Is the BitCoin, or something like it, the next world currency?

Read more about BitCoin here: In What Currency Should We Have Invested Three Years Ago?

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