The Past, the Present, & the Future — What To Do With Each




but MOVE to ACT in the PRESENT.

–Credit: an amalgam of thoughts from others.

  • The Past
    • We must study the past from every angle and perspective: the victor, the victim, and dis-involved parties.
    • We should analyze our findings and deduce objective lessons that can guide and motivate.
  • The Future
    • We must leverage the lessons of the past to forecast and shape our plans for the future.
    • We should expect the future to throw more surprises than predictions our way.
  • The Present
    • We must avoid conformance for conformance’s sake and have the courage to be different and to act when others won’t.
    • We should focus on the present as it is the only opportunity within which to take action to overcome the mistakes of the past and to create optimism for the future.

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