Top 10 Reasons Why I Love Park City


A picture of the basin taken while I was biking.

10. Short as fall may be, the climate has four distinct seasons each with great outdoor activities.

9. No matter how fit I get and how healthfully I eat, I’m still well below average.

8. A real but convenient airport is only 30 minutes away with direct flights.

7. We have a Costco; it’s in Salt Lake.

6. There are four world-class resorts when you include the very unique Utah Olympic Park.

5. I can listen to KPCW to find out what my neighbors are doing; or, I can always just read about it in the Park Record.

4. The property tax base is substantially-subsidized by the many second homes creating good schools and facilities.

3. It’s possible to strike a healthy balance between family, fun, and work.

2. We get to live where most vacation yet are able to work in a mid-sized, growing metropolis nearby.

1. The people are truly wonderful and are always pushing me to get out and be active.

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