Work Out Anywhere: 9 Body-Weight Exercises You Can Do Anywhere!


We often find ourselves somewhere where there’s limited time and/or equipment for a good workout.  Or, if you’re like me, the thought of hitting the tiny gym in the corner of the hotel and spending time on a treadmill is just not appealing at all.  For those times, here are nine relatively simple exercises that’ll give you a full-body, aerobic and anaerobic workout.  Pick three to five of the movements and work them in sets.  Let me know how they work out for you!

A special “thank you” goes to my wonderful brother-in-law (we call him my Chief Brother-In-Law, or CBIL) for being a good sport about modeling for me on our vacation.

1. Push-Ups

It’s hard to beat this time-tested and universally-respected movement that needs no equipment whatsoever!

2. Hindu Push-ups

The so-called Hindu push-up is a cross between the classic pushup and a handstand push-up.  Give this one a try; it’ll surprise you by its difficulty!

3. Crunches

This variation on the classic sit-up is a killer core workout.

4. Dips

Dips are great for the triceps and shoulders.  Admittedly, you need something to dip from but something as simple as a chair will work.

5. Burpees

These are arguably the most despised of movements because they’re so deceptively difficult.  Give twenty of these babies a try and then imagine how it’d feel to have to do 100!

6. Jump Squats

Varying on the traditional squat by adding a jump at the top of the movement, the jump squat is a great heart pumper.

7. Lunges

This is another great movement for the lower body that also gets your heart pumping.

8. Single & Double Unders

It’s hard to beat these jumprope movements for an all-around aerobic workout.  Admittedly, they do require you to carry a rope with you but, alas, that fits in minimal carry-on space.  Be patient with double unders as they’re not as easy as they look.

9. Pull-Ups

OK, I’m cheating a bit here: we need to have a pulling movement to complete the set and, without some sort of apparatus, it’s hard to pull oneself up.  So, you’ll have to get creative like we did here.

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