A Plea to the Decency of Humanity


Please STOP!

1. Stop categorizing and labelling entire groups of people.

  • They likely have just as much in common with you as they do with one another.
  • Get to know individuals and discover the secret reality: we are all much more alike than we know.

2. Stop punishing a group or a member thereof for the deeds of other members of that superficially-defined group.

  • It is innately immoral to do so no matter what your system of beliefs or logic.
  • Understand that it is individuals who act and it is only those individuals who are accountable for their actions.

3. Stop believing in absolute “good” versus “evil.”

  • Those only exist in the movies and other simplistic metaphors of reality.
  • The world is complex; “goodness” and “badness” know no race or national origin.

4. Stop relying on a few media sources that all support a singular perspective.

  • All sources, no matter how “free” or “independent”, are burdened with bias.  One side’s “insurgent militant” is another’s “freedom fighter.”
  • Diversity your sources and include those from so-called “enemies;” you must triangulate the truth from multiple sources.

Please, please, please

unite instead of dividing,

help instead of hurting,

and empathize instead of differentiating.

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