Interview On KCPW’s The Bottom Line

Bassam & Doug Wells

Originally aired on Salt Lake City’s KCPW on April 19, 2016:

The Bottom Line(Air date: April 19/26, 2016)Bassam Salem immigrated to the U.S. from Egypt as a young kid. Despite currents of prejudice and discrimination flowing against him, Salem rose to become a successful entrepreneur and software engineer in Utah.  He has been a senior executive at several prominent Utah companies, including inContact, Siebel Systems, Attensity, and Omniture.  Until just a few months ago, Salem was the Chief Operating Officer at MaritzCX, a technology firm in the fast growing space of customer surveys.  But he has now founded Mindshare Ventures, transitioning himself into a field he is passionate about — helping other entrepreneurs and startups to optimize their own creativity.  Aside from talking about his experiences in the tech community, Salem shares his feelings of obligation to help others provide for their own children and themselves.  He also talks about his admiration for what smaller teams can create and achieve, and the importance of being an authentic person.

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