Are You a Sun, Planet, or Blackhole?


Some people are Suns; they shine, they radiate, and they emanate positive energy that nourishes those around them. Without Suns, the world would be a dark and dreary place. Suns don’t seek out other Suns as their energy isn’t codependent or discriminatory: it permeates throughout their vicinity helping nourish everything around them. Suns are extremely rare and should be cherished. Put a Sun on your team, and your team becomes happier, more engaged, and more likely to turn into Suns themselves. You’ll almost never see Suns having private relationships; they’re just too positively energized for secrecy. Suns are never confidentes; they shine in public.

Some people are Blackholes; they absorb light, energy, and anything they are able to capture in their orbit. Blackholes seek to find other Blackholes and, if they can’t, will try to create them because, after all, it’s gossip and negativity that feeds them. The most dangerous Blackholes are able to outwardly present as Suns and only secretly suck positivity out of any circle. Keep a Blackhole on your team, and you will begin to see discontent spreading around them, people disappearing into the Blackhole in the form of voluntary attrition, and increased likelihood of creating additional Blackholes. You’ll see Blackholes colluding privately often; they flourish in secrecy, and are thus frequently seeking to be considered confidentes.

Most people are Planets; they travel through space sometimes orbiting Suns and other times orbiting Blackholes. The more positive energy they absorb from Suns the more they’re able to fend off the gravitational draw of Blackholes trying to suck them in and spit them out of the organization through disnegagement. Planets have a polarization that can change based on what they’re orbiting, so it is critical to maximize their opportunities to orbit Suns in their vicinity. Watch out for Blackholes pulling Planets into their orbit drawing them ever closer through frequent private conversations where they convince them to confide in them behind closed doors; eventually, they’ll to draw them ever closer to disappearing or becoming Blackholes themselves.

I have learned that Suns are worth their weight in gold; I cherish them when I find them, and I invite them into my circle as often as I’m able to. They are what allow my Planets to thrive and it’s thus incumbent on me to provide them opportunities within which they too can thrive and take on ever more prominent positions in my world.

I’ve equally learned that Blackholes must be purged at all short-term costs because their long-term impact is so much more harmful to the rest of the ecosystem. I’ve always regretted cases where I waited too long, always been grateful after a purge of a Blackhole, and sometimes learned that I’d been too complacent in appreciating their negative influence only after their departure.
Here’s to the Suns out there. Thank you for making the world a better place, for providing teams a more positive environment, and for warding off Blackholes. 🙏🏼

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