On Relationships

What’s your most valuable “asset”? Easily the most fulfilling aspect of life, in my humble opinion, is derived from our relationships: friends, family, coworkers, and everything in between.I’m so grateful for the relationships in my life and the fulfillment I derive from each. Those who know me will appreciate that I’ve given a great deal of…

Five Life Lessons My Parents Taught Me

I humbly share five life lessons I learned from my parents:

1. Seek to understand why you might be wrong, not to prove why you might be right. You aren’t as smart as you think you are, so find mentors who are A) smarter and more experienced in life than you, and B) have your best interest in mind and no reason to misguide you; then, consider their counsel seriously no matter how difficult it is to hear.

LTAMYM Podcast – Episode 1: On Accumulating Things

This series of posts (and accompanying podcast) is dedicated to my children. It consists of a series of letters from my current, older self addressed to my younger self. These letters would have helped me navigate some of the rough waters I faced during various phases of my life and when I was faced with difficult decisions. Through these letters, I hope to impart some of my admittedly limited experience on my two wonderful children and, eventually, on their children.