Why 2016 Will Go Down In History

Something big has recently happened. And not many people are talking about it. Like companies and individuals, even federal governments sometimes need to borrow money. They borrow money by issuing what’s called a Government bond. These bonds, like all loans, have an interest rate associated with them; a bond’s interest rate is referred to as…

5 Lessons From the Last Real Estate Boom & Bust

The last decade has taught me many lessons about real estate.  Like many, I experienced what appeared to be an unstoppable freight train of real estate values that peaked in 2007, collapsed in 2008, and rebounded with a vengeance over the past few years.  Now that this is all behind us, we can assess lessons…

Letters To A Much Younger Me: On Accumulating Things

This podcast is dedicated to my children. It consists of a series of letters from my current, older self addressed to my younger self. These letters would have helped me navigate some of the rough waters I faced during various phases of my life and when I was faced with difficult decisions. Through these letters, I hope to impart some of my admittedly limited experience on my two wonderful children and, eventually, on their children.

This first letter is On Accumulating Things.