What’s Your Mistake Maturity Score?

I’m a founder, CEO, and investor in a growing technology startup. Yes, I experience stress that accompanies my love and passion for what I do.

More to the point, my stress is frequently misunderstood. Unexpected things happen; many of them are due to mistakes made and associated human error, miscommunication, or missteps. It’s frequently assumed that it’s these mistakes that drive my stress. They aren’t. In this article, I explain why mistakes aren’t what worry or stress me and, instead, it’s our reaction to mistakes that does.

Mistakes are unintended tests of individuals and teams; how mistakes are handled reflects a Mistake Maturity measuring an individual and an organization’s ability to overcome and thrive. Below are the five levels of Mistake Maturity (MM): levels MM0 through MM4.

Beyond Experiences

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The 4 Hs of the Perfect Hire

Over my career, I’ve been fortunate to lead some sizeable teams. Large teams are like a tribe that has an established culture and traditions; one new tribe member can only change the tribe so much. The counter scenario is equally true: a newly-established small tribe is still establishing its culture and traditions with each new…

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