On Worrying

Worrying isn’t inherently bad, but worrying about the wrong things is. I humbly share my reminders to myself: • Don’t worry about brand,worry about relationships. • Don’t worry about network,worry about community. • Don’t worry about detractors,worry about champions. • Don’t worry about outcomes,worry about progress. • Don’t worry about circumstances,worry about choices.

Five Life Lessons My Parents Taught Me

I humbly share five life lessons I learned from my parents:

1. Seek to understand why you might be wrong, not to prove why you might be right. You aren’t as smart as you think you are, so find mentors who are A) smarter and more experienced in life than you, and B) have your best interest in mind and no reason to misguide you; then, consider their counsel seriously no matter how difficult it is to hear.

Why I Was Afraid to Drive

I know it’s hard for many of my friends to appreciate the severity of the tension and helplessness that many African Americans feel towards law enforcement. To Americans of European descent, especially those in the upper socio-economic classes, the fear and antagonism directed towards a police force that is, by and large, hard-working and committed…

Better Days Are Coming

I’m once again in a bit of a contemplative mood thanks to a thoughtful coffee discussion with a good friend this morning. I’m more convinced than ever that, while it’s been the most tragic event of our lifetimes, we’ll exit this epidemic in a dramatically better place than we entered it. First and foremost, we…

Five Reasons I Write

I write to reflect. Nothing helps me think through an idea and reach a defensible position than composing an article on the matter. I write to escape. Some find intellectual and emotional escape in outdoor activities, watching a movie, or reading a book; for me, writing provides that mental escape. I write to endure. It…

Coronavirus Epidemiology for Dummies

In order to begin formulating plans for a hopeful return to normalcy, I realized it was important for me to understand how all of the measures we’ve all become accustomed to discussing related to one another: physical distancing, PPE, antibody testing, herd immunity, and so on. This short video is my attempt at explaining all of these concepts to myself as a layperson. Think of it as Epidemiology for Dummies :-).

The Power of Positive

  Yes, I’m a computer scientist turned businessperson. Yes, I like the objective, the tangible, and the quantitative. But, as I’ve grown, I’ve come to appreciate the impact the qualitative has on the quantitative, the abstract on the tangible, and the subjective on the objective. As students of business, we think of the economy as…