10 Tips To A Happy Marriage: Men’s Advice to Men

Surrounded by some of my most trusted friends, I asked the following question: “if you could distill your top relationship lesson into a one-liner, what would it be?” A┬ápassionate, sincere, and admittedly sometimes humorous discussion ensued between a group of men whose ages ranged from twenties to sixties,┬ásome of whom had been married for decades,…

Letters To A Much Younger Me: On Accumulating Things

This podcast is dedicated to my children. It consists of a series of letters from my current, older self addressed to my younger self. These letters would have helped me navigate some of the rough waters I faced during various phases of my life and when I was faced with difficult decisions. Through these letters, I hope to impart some of my admittedly limited experience on my two wonderful children and, eventually, on their children.

This first letter is On Accumulating Things.