The Certainty of Our Current Reality

Screen Shot 2020-04-01 at 8.30.46 PMCredit: IHME

As I close out another incredibly long day, I decided to once again sit down for a few minutes and write to clear my mind.

Today, as I bid farewell to what felt like the longest March in history, I realize that we are concluding the first chapter in this saga, a chapter that was titled, “The Fear of Uncertainty”. Through much of March, it was the “unknown unknowns” that caused us all a great deal of anxiety. What was this thing? Was it really that bad? How seriously do we need to take it?

As I acknowledged in my last post, I’m now emotionally preparing myself for April’s chapter, a chapter that’s entitled, “The Certainty of Our Current Reality”. In this next chapter, a lot of questions have been answered. We now know that this chapter will include things getting much worse before they get better, with days where multiple thousands of people in the US alone may perish. We now know that it is likely in this chapter that the pandemic will peak. By the end of the chapter, we will have forgotten how long March felt, and learned that April would emerge as the victor of the long month award. We will then be able to look forward to a more hopeful May chapter, “The Hope of the Aftermath”

So, back to April’s chapter. As I settle into “The Certainty of Our Current Reality,” at least I can appreciate with relative certainty that our current reality will be with us for on the order of two to four more months (see the excellent, scientific model attached courtesy of IHME).

In this chapter, I find that I must challenge myself to do four things:

1. Continually remind myself to maintain perspective, a perspective of gratitude I alluded to in my last post. I am incredibly fortunate and equally grateful for those who are actively fighting this abominable opponent. I’m genuinely sorry for those suffering from it.

2. Find ways to help those asking for help despite what appears to be a never-ending agenda of commitments, to-do lists, meetings, and obligations. I’ve always promised myself I’d never reject a plea for help but, I must admit, there are so many reaching out for help at the moment and I’m struggling to find time.

3. Commit to retaining a healthful daily routine. Those who know me know that I am a creature of habit with a very predictable daily routine; I’ve managed to lose that routine thanks to the new reality, and I must find it again this month.

4. Finally, and most importantly, make the most of the circumstances. These circumstances have me physically closer to my family than I’ve ever been; I must take advantage of that unique opportunity. Circumstances have also reminded me that my friendships, no matter how far, are equally accessible via virtual get-togethers. I will make the most of my circumstances in April.

Goodnight, friends. Here’s to another chapter together.

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