5 Steps to Nailing Your Interview with Me


  1. Show up early: it’s only an extra 10 minutes, but it demonstrates how serious, organized, and respectful you are; it’s a big deal for us, so it’s nice to know it’s an equally big deal for you.
  2. Dress like you care: it doesn’t need to be a women’s or men’s suit, and I’m actually rather accepting of most attire and styles, but it’s nice to know you were intentional about your day and our appointment.
  3. Bring your A-game energy: show me your best, charismatic self; we’ll be spending a great deal of time together if you get the job, and I want us to really want to work with one another. Positive, charismatic energy is contagious; so is negative, lethargic energy.
  4. Do your homework: spend a few minutes getting to know our company, our products, our target markets, and our team; develop constructive thoughts on each. (Bonus points are yours if you find this post and look up the “four Hs of the perfect hire” so you know what we’re looking for).
  5. Want the job: I know you’ve been told to be coy and play hard-to-get, but I’m looking for colleagues who can’t imagine a better fit and want this opportunity more than any other. If you’re “happy where you are,” please save us both the time.

Good luck!

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