The Most Important Question I Can Ask

It had been a while since I had asked it.

I was reluctant to ask it of my two sons and my wife all on the same day.

But, yesterday, I gathered the courage to do so.

There were opportunities for me to be with each of them individually: on the way back from our early morning workout for my older son, on a day I happened to drive him to school for my younger son, and during a post-work evening chat for my wife.

I sincerely wasn’t sure what each of their answers would be.

But I asked it anyway, “how can I become a better father?”

And, of my wife, “how can I become a better husband?”

As COVID vaccinations will soon allow it, I will ask of my mother, “how can I become a better son?”

It’s a tough question for me to ask. I must always be open to hearing a potentially uncomfortable answer. But, if the relationship matters, is there any more important a question to ask?

With our dear friends, might we ask, “how can I become a better friend?” or “how can I become a better colleague?” with our coworkers?

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