LTAMYM Podcast – Episode 1: On Accumulating Things

This series of posts (and accompanying podcast) is dedicated to my children. It consists of a series of letters from my current, older self addressed to my younger self. These letters would have helped me navigate some of the rough waters I faced during various phases of my life and when I was faced with difficult decisions. Through these letters, I hope to impart some of my admittedly limited experience on my two wonderful children and, eventually, on their children.


What I Learned From Speaking at a TEDx Event

This post is in honor of and in gratitude for the selfless organizers, steering committee members, and volunteers of TEDxSaltLakeCity.  Thank you so sincerely for including me in your wonderful community. After delivering a talk to an audience of entrepreneurs in downtown Salt Lake City nearly eighteen months ago, I was approached by a friendly young…

Anatomy of a CX Program

The Anatomy of a Successful CX Program

Running a modern customer experience (CX) program has come a long way in sophistication and effectiveness from the days of paper surveys, manual reporting, and delayed response to customer feedback.  Today’s modern CX programs are integrated into the customer’s journey, leverage all available interaction channels, respond to customer input in real-time, and drive iterative improvement…

Confidence & Competence

Genuine Success: The Convergence of Confidence & Competence

Success, irrespective of how you personally define it, is quite elusive.  We frequently reference the importance of competence in a broad range of skills as a path to success; unfortunately, all too often, we ignore a much more integral component: confidence. As I frequently do in my writing, I’d like to introduce caricatures that capture the extremes of these…