7 Societal Facts We Tend to Forget


After giving a talk recently, I was inspired to capture 7 principles that are, for all intents and purposes, facts about our society today. What’s more, they’re facts we tend to forget in our day-to-day lives as we judge others and evaluate our world.


1. The elderly aren’t a group; they are we.


2. Nearly everyone considers themselves a patriot; very few choose their country.


3. Caucasian, African, Asian, Hispanic…all things we don’t choose.


4. Freedom and opportunity for ourselves and our children: 7 billion people’s life goal.


5. Today’s so-called conservative would’ve been deemed a liberal a hundred years ago; today’s so-called liberal will be deemed a conservative in twenty-five years.


6. The vast majority of us had little to do with choosing our spiritual beliefs and traditions.


7. Progress has rarely come from the masses; it takes someone willing to be an outcast.





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